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Understand your business.

Running a business online is tiring, but also infinitely more difficult without detailed insight and analytics of how it runs.

With Sellpass, you’ll get access to detailed trails of data from conversions to visits to revenue and more. All within your own dashboard.

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Detailed analytical graphs

View historical information of all of your data through your dashboard with amazing graphs.


Download monthly reports

Generate reports to outline your sales, visits, orders, and more for any existing period.


Analyze customer interactions

View where and how customers visited your store. From referrers to browser to devices and locations.


Export payments for taxes

Export payments in a month by month format suited for tax purposes.


Visits, revenue, orders, everything

Access analytics from your store. 3rd party integrations with Google Analytics are available as well.


Double down on marketing

See what makes your customers come back for more. Then continue to do what’s working.

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